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For the home, office or industrial

Whether you simply need a new TV or a 10,000 metres of electrical cable, we at JBM electrical wholesale offer the best way to save you money and give you a first class service at the same time.

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Welcome to JBM electrical wholesale. Whether for home, office, warehouse or more; we have been helping our clients for over 30 years to help get the best products at the best prices.


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Domestic advice and best buy: Imagine you want a new TV but have no idea what is the best option. Rather than trawling the internet, just pick up the phone and I will source and send over the best options out in the market today, allowing you to pick the one you want without the hassle of wrestling with the thousands of retailers and assurance you are being treated to a first class service.


Commercial sourcing & pricing: With our carefully selected and extensive list of suppliers, we are able to source all manner of electrical goods and then offer them to our customers at extremely competitive prices. We provide everything from fuses to three phase industrial equipment, making your job that much easier.


"We've been using JBM Electrical Wholesale and they've never let us down"


We offer advice and services on the smallest household products - like picking a Tv, new iron, right up to the biggest commercial customers.

Free delivery is offered on most items within Canterbury and the South East, and all forms of payment are accepted including American Express.

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